Makes connections simple.

X-Connections Central

X-Connections Central is the central web server for X-Connections. As such it’s referred to as the beating heart of X-Connections .

ORM Module

The ORU Module receives ORU messages and stores vital data onto the X-Connections cache database. This ensures that the data is available to and can be accessed by the X-Connections Web Service when needed.


An example XML message used to retrieve patient data:

<command cmd='getPatientdata'>
<patient name='' dob=''/>

ADT Module

The ADT Module is equipped to receive HL7 ADT messages and also stores data in the X-Connections cache database. The ADT Module also has several intelligent procedures that were put in place to ensure high quality performance, the latest information, and quick access to the data that is stored.

SIU Module

The SIU module received HL7 SIU messages and stores appointment data in the X-Connections cache database. Via the X-Connections web service this data can be retrieved and e.g. a up-to-date worklist can be constructed.

ORM Module

The ORM module receives Order Messages and stores hte data into the X-Connections cache database. Via the X-Connections web service Order Messages can be retrieved.